After discussions with the club, I can tell you the following actions were taken immediately after the incident with the little boy being hit by a coin happened..
CCTV Footage was shared with the GMP Dedicated Football Officer (DFO) who in turn has shared it with Arsenal DFO in an effort to try identify the individual who threw the coin.
An Email containing images of the individual who was identified by CCTV was sent to Arsenal’s Safety Officer for appropriate club action if the person can be identified
All CCTV relating to the incident was secured by MUFC in the event of any future action.
The club redeployed security personnel and police to the wheelchair section at the Crystal Palace game to provide reassurance, a deterrent and identification of any potential future offenders.MUDSA Stadium
For all future games, the following has been agreed;
The club have committed to the maintaining a minimum security presence on the platform in addition to the Access stewarding, no matter what the game. Whenever possible, this will also be supported by Police.
It is difficult to provide exact numbers of security as there are other factors that may impact deployments across the ground and may change from game to game – so the numbers may change slightly throughout the game and also from game to game.
Similarly, with police, the numbers of officers supplied for games will differ depending on the category of game & intelligence.
Security personnel deployed in this area have been briefed to be vigilant and to constantly view the crowd behind. I.E. the away fans
Unfortunately, reviewing the incident on CCTV brought to light examples of some of United’s disabled fans carers engaging in abusive and provocative behaviour towards the away fans. Clearly this is not acceptable behaviour and is potentially dangerous to other fans.
Consequently security will also be briefed to deal with any behaviour from home disabled supporters or their PAs that involves taunting or abusive behaviour towards the away fans. Individuals will be warned and may risk ejection for continued or poor behaviour.
Chas Banks Secretary MUDSA