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You may have already seen this statement on our social media platforms but as not everyone uses them here is the statement from the committee about Fan Safety in the foreseeable future. We understand not everyone will be happy with the outcome but release this to keep our members informed of the current plans by the club. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Fan safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Further to incidents at home games over the last few seasons, including  flares and other objects being thrown on to, or near the wheelchair platform, MUDSA have asked the Club to take steps to better protect disabled supporters and carers at home games. 
The club have confirmed that they will implement increased communications and mitigation measures for away fans regarding the dangers of objects being thrown. They will also substantially increase the visible security presence for any game deemed to be “High risk”.
For any games where there is a high risk of items such as pyrotechnics being thrown, the club will make provision for a netting solution behind the wheelchair platform, similar to that in place at some European games last season. Based on precedent, we anticipate this may be more likely for select games in the UEFA Europa League.
MUDSA continue to work with the Club on an ongoing basis to review the safety provisions in place for disabled supporters, and we’d like to thank them for listening to us and taking on board our concerns.
We look forward to the new season with Ole at the wheel!

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