MUDSA Christmas Party 22/23

Dear MUDSA Members,

MUDSA normally hold a party just before Christmas when the players all attend. Unfortunately, due to the World Cup being moved it didn’t happen. We’ve been trying to organise a replacement date ever since, but due to the teams incredibly busy schedule, we’ve not been able to.

Fortunately, we’ve been offered a chance to hold one before the end of the season, now the fixture congestion has eased.  If you would like to be considered for this year’s Party (and a chance to meet most of the United players). Please complete the form below and be aware that this event will be a very short notice.

Thank you.

The MUDSA Committee

Party Notice 2023 Click here

Remember to reply to

P.s. If for any reason you can’t access the form on the link please use the photo below of the form and email all the information requested on it.