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After a request from MUDSA, the club have agreed to implement a ticket exchange for disabled Season Ticket holders, meaning if you are unable to attend a game, you can return your ticket to the club for another disabled supporter to use.

In order to return your ticket, you will need to ring 0161 868 8009 before 5pm on the last working day before the game. You will be issued a refund, and your seat will be offered to a supporter who was unsuccessful in the ballot. If you cancel your ticket before the ballot takes place, your seat will be allocated through the ballot. Your Season Ticket will be cancelled for that game and a paper ticket issued to the supporter attending in your place.

Please be aware you are unable to choose who your ticket is offered to if you wish to return it and claim a refund. If you wish to pass your ticket on to a friend or family member, you can still do so but will remain responsible for the use of the ticket, and no refund will be offered. You are also still able to pass your ticket on to a non-disabled supporter by calling the club to process this.

We hope this helps alleviate some of the recent concern about empty spaces in the accessible seating area, and we hope you are looking forward to the new season.

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