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Old Trafford welcomes visitors from across the world to watch United play their rivals…

At the recent match against Leicester City, Rollin’ Reds caught up with a couple of sets of fans for a chat about their clubs as United went on to win 4-1…

Names: Sam and Pre Patel.

How long have you been supporting United? As long as I can remember — probably since I was about four, so that would be 20 years!

sam-preBest memory of United: It has to be the European cup wins. I remember 1999 from when I was a kid… Ole Gunnar Solskjær scoring right at the end, and then the penalty shoot out in Moscow — we never seem to do it the easy way!

Favourite United player: At the moment it’s Rooney but for all time it would have to be Ronaldo. He’s still got a good few years in him so maybe he’ll come back one day!

What do you think of Jose’s summer signings? Zlatan has fitted straight in but Paul Pogba looks like he’s still getting used to being back here. Maybe it’s to do with the position he’s being played in — I’d like to see him push further forward with Carrick behind him.

Who do you think will win the league? I think City have a chance but if we can stay close to the top in the first few months we can do it by the end of the season.

Have you been to Old Trafford BEFORE? A few times to watch games but I’ve also been here on the tour. The facilities are great and the view as well.

Do you go to any United away games? No, but I’m from Bolton and I’ve been to watch them play at the Macron Stadium (formerly the Reebok). The disabled facilities are pretty good but I was lucky enough to be in a hospitality box with heaters and a bit of luxury, really!

What WILL the score will be today? 3-1 United!

Names: Michael Collins and David Richardson.

How long have you been supporting Leicester: 65 and 57 years!

Earliest memories of Leicester: Back in 1963 when we were favourites to do the double and we lost the FA Cup final to Manchester United, 3-1. Then, six years later it happened again with Manchester City beating us 1-0!

Best memory of Leicester: Last year — winning the Premier League. I don’t think that’ll happen again in my lifetime.

mike-daveWhere do you think Leicester will finish this season? I’d be happy with a top-half finish and the quarter finals of the Champions League.

Do you go to the away games? All of them. We went to Bruges last week where Leicester won 3-0. We had to take a week off because we live in Cambridgeshire and we won’t fly.

What do you think of your summer signings? Our new striker looks good, Islam Slimani. We lost Kante to Chelsea in the Summer but I’m not that bothered about him — I think he gives the ball away too cheaply.

What are the facilities like at Leicester? Outstanding — under cover with a great view. Even the parking is great — better than it is here at Old Trafford. We asked lots of stewards but nobody seemed to know where the disabled parking is, so we had to pay £10 to park down the road.

What are the best and worst disabled facilities in the country? Sheffield United is really good — they really looked after us but QPR, Crystal Palace, Chelsea and Spurs aren’t very good.

What will think the score will be today? 2-1 to Leicester unless Rashford plays — then it’ll be about 4-0 to United!

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