Autism Initiative at Manchester United Megastore

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On Tuesday 3rd December Manchester United continued its steps towards full inclusivity by launching a new initiative at the Megastore called the “Quiet Hour.”

During the ‘Quiet Hour’, which will start from this week and will take place every Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00, the Megastore will lower its lights and music, as well as taking extra steps to ensure a shopping experience that is more accessible to visitors with autism and other disabilities.

We at MUDSA think this is a fantastic idea and another great sign that the club are doing what they can so that fans of all abilities can enjoy both the Football and the outer experiences such as shopping in the Mega store.

Chas Banks, Secretary of MUDSA said:

“It’s fantastic to see Manchester United once again taking steps towards inclusivity for everyone.

“The Megastore is a place that every Manchester United fan wants to visit and now thanks to the ‘Quiet Hour’ those with autism and similar disabilities can spend time enjoying the same shopping experience as everyone else.

“I believe this will be welcomed by many of our MUDSA members

For a full report please click on the link HERE or access it on the Official Manchester United App. The link is also below.

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