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Predictably the MUDSA trips to the AON Training Center at Carrington rank highly in the most requested events league!

The morning kicks off with everyone gathering in time for the first team squad training session with the players being put through their paces. That’s enough excitement for some but it gets even better when MUDSA members can mingle with the players, collect autographs and have photos taken.

Part 2 of the day sees our members moving on to the Theatre of Dreams for lunch at the Red Cafe; following lunch we then move onto the tour of the museum and stadium.

We must emphasise that numbers are strictly limited and that only ONE guest is allowed per member. We operate a waiting list but members shouldn’t be disheartened because everyone will eventually get their chance to live their dream. We do suggest you register for this event as soon as you become a member as there is currently a 4/5 year waiting list.

All those wishing to take part should contact Ann-Marie by clicking here.